How to see and photograph northern lights in Iceland

What are the northern lights exactly? Northern lights are caused by solar winds disturbed by the magnetosphere. The magnetosphere is the protection layer formed from both the North and the South Pole to protect Earth from those solar winds. That’s why you can see the northern lights from the region next to the Poles; the…

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6 ways to overcome writer’s block

I had no idea how to start my blog so I decided to write about writer’s block. Pretty ironic, I know. I thought it would be interesting to research about it since it has been my excuse for not writing for over a year... But what is the writer's block exactly? A lack of inspiration? A…

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“Is everyone hanging without me” by Mindy Kaling

“Is everybody is hanging out without me?” is the first book by Mindy Kaling, writer of the American remake of “The Office” and “The Mindy Project”. I stumbled upon her book (my boyfriend had it) because I’ve actually never watched any of her shows. It is seven years old so you might find it for cheap…

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